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Be different. Be unique...We dare all the traditional finishes and shapes with our Bass Revolver. (Jazz Bass)

The best components, the fresh look and the roaring sound that only a Cream Bass can provide.


-MODEL: Revolver Bass

-HARDWARE: Graphtech ratio bass tuners, Graphtech nut, GHS strings, Kaiser piezo bridge, Aguilar pots, brass plate in the back.

-NECK: 5 layer neck, mahogany, maple and sapele neck with techwood fretboard, 2 carbon fiber beams for reinforcement. 

-PICKUPS: Seymour Duncan Jazz Quarter Pound

-BODY: Red cedar

-HEADSTOCK: Aluminum with resin

-ELECTRONICS: Seymour Duncan Jazz Quarter pound, Seymour Duncan STC-2 preamp, Switchcraft input.

-SCALE: 34

-FRETS: Jumbo Rounded frets

-RATIO: 14


Bass Revolver

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    The price of our guitars start at $2,200 USD. Prices may vary depending on country, taxes and other fees that may apply.



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