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We challenge ourselves to build guitars with their own unique look, great ergonomics, reliable components and, of course, our signature tones.

​We are proudly a Mexican company,​ based in Monterrey, Nuevo León. Mastermind behind these guitars, Luis Ortiz, CEO and designer, had the idea to break all the rules of the traditional guitar. From  the look, the tones, the finishes, the feel of a traditional guitar...                                                                              The idea was very clear: THE EVOLUTION OF THE GUITAR.

​After years of doing prototypes, and always using the very best components to ensure a highend instrument, Cream Guitars is opening new trends and provoking a lot of stares. We take customization to its finest; from glitter, to naturally pressed flowers, to a color-changing guitar, we are breaking the rules on how a guitar should look and sound and most importantly, make you feel!

​Cream Guitars were created by rethinking every part of an electric guitar to broaden and enhance your playing experience and enjoyment.

Our innovations will challenge you by getting you out of your comfort zone, in refreshing and enjoyable ways, giving you a level of creativity that extends well beyond the norm.The look, the quality and the sound of our instruments ensure that you will have the best of the best, a uniquely versatile and beautiful guitar.

We have copyrighted all our body shapes and headstocks in America, Europe and Asia and applied for 3 patents of our designs. Our body styles and headstocks are registered as industrial designs and they are protected as sculptures and NFTs.

Join us in this epic journey as we redefine guitar craftsmanship and take your music to new heights.

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